Hospitality Support Chatbot

A Finrsch Limited technology

Renting out, or a hotel?

Make your clients happier with faster and intelligent support

Create your own customized AI concierge!

Making your information work ONLY for you!

Your information, your customer support, your knowledge - at scale to support your business

Built by the customer, managed by you, run by us

Machine learning never stops, and never forgets, 24/7

You control what and how the system learns, we make sure the service is delivered

Drive higher sales with customer support

Customer support is your stealth sales force - use it accordingly

Stop missing sales because you didn’t have a simple answer fast enough

No time or resources for customer support?

Machines can’t replace humans, but are excellent at standard functions

Save customers time by having machine intelligence handling the standard stuff

Increase sales impact with minimum cost

Achieve zero waiting times and lost opportunities because of poor customer support

Remember: your sales, your service - start your differentiation now!